Minor Dent Repair

We offer a minor car dent removal and dent repair service that can rectify most minor dents, like car dings and round dents that have been caused by the car being damaged by small objects that have deformed or torn the car metal.

Paintless Dent Removal

We may be able to undertake Paintless Dent Removal which is a quick and cost-effective car dent removal method.

Paintless dent removal can sometimes be carried out without the need for filling and painting.

 We can remove minor damage by using a special process to remove dents, restoring the panel so that it appears as good as new. This can be used on very minor dents where the paint surface remains intact.

Restoring your car with this method is the quickest method of repair, as it eliminates the need for filling and painting., enabling repairs to be made within a few hours.