Car Vandal Scratch Repairs

It happens every day and it’s so annoying!

Mindless vandalism on cars. Keying  (scratching a car paintwork with a key or other sharp metal object) is on the rise and when it happens to you – well it just makes your blood boil doesn’t it?

The cost of keying repair by traditional methods is astonishingly high and usually warrants an insurance claim – with its detrimental effects on your next year’s insurance premium.

If you don’t get these scratches repaired – apart from the fact that your vehicle looks awful – your car’s value just plummets. And if you don’t have them damage treated quickly, you end up with secondary problems when the bare metal revealed starts to rust.

Car Vandal Scratch Repairs from Base Cosmetics

Base Cosmetics use a specific technique for repairing small areas of car bodywork damage, such as vandal scratches, and key-damaged areas, using specialist paints, materials and tools to blend the repair into the surrounding panel. This is faster and much more economical than traditional bodyshop methods.