Frequently Asked Questions

We are essentially mobile repairers, who will attend to your vehicle at your home address, in your office or at your place of work. We carry the necessary protective equipment to enable us to carry out our paint repairs in most weather conditions. In exreme weather – cold, snow and torrential rain, we will advise a rebook!

The largest dent area we can restore satisfactorily is roughly the size of a medium orange. Any larger damage should really be referred to a car bodyshop.

To enable us to deliver the highest levels of service and the speddiest turnaround, we operate in an area radius of 15 miles from our Sunderland base

On average a repair takes around and hour and a half, depending, of course, on the severity of the damage.

The best way is to take a picture of you damage and upload it using our Facebook Messenger plug-in.  If possible include in the shot a reference image of something we already know the size of – a ruler is ideal, but failing that, a tennis ball or a 50 p piece! Our contact form has a file upload feature for you to use and you can also send using Facebook messenger.

Absolutely; a large proportion of our work is for commercial garages.