Car Bumper Repair

Car bumper scuffs and scratches not only look bad, but also affect the resale value of your car.

Rather than going to the expense of a complete bumper replacement, the team at Base Cosmetics can bring your bumper back to showroom condition using its bumper restore service.

This is a really cost-effective method of repairing your bumper scuffs and scratches and saves £££s over traditional bodyshop work. Not only that, but the process is relatively fast and can be carried out, on average, in a few hours.

Save time and money with a professional bumper repair from Bade Cosmetics.

What types of bumper can be repaired?

Base cosmetics can repair most types of bumpers including plastic, textured and painted bumpers can complete plastic bumper repairs, textured and painted bumper repairs. Our services include the repair of scratches, scuffs, cracks and minor dents. We utilise the latest colour matching technology to ensure a seamless, invisible repair.